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Paper published at ITACA-WIICT 2018 (II)

The paper entitled: “Energy-aware Design Space Exploration for Optimal Implementation Parameters Tuning”, written by Ilya Tuzov, David de Andrés, and Juan Carlos Ruiz is availabe at ITACA-WIICT 2018 poceedings.


Determining the optimum configuration of semicustom implementation tools to simultaneously optimize the energy consumption, maximum clock frequency, and area of the target circuit requires navigating
through millions of configurations. Existing design space exploration approaches, like genetic algorithms, try to reduce as much as possible the number of configurations that must be implemented to find the (close to) optimum configuration. However, these approaches are not suitable when dependability-related properties must be also taken into account.
To accurately estimate these properties, extensive simulation-based fault injection experiments must be executed for each configuration, leading to unfeasible experimentation times. This work proposes an alternative approach, based on statistical and operational research artifacts, to drastically reduce the design space while preserving the accuracy of results, thus, enabling the energy-aware design space exploration for semicustom implementation of logic circuits.


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